Who Said It: Donald Trump Or Joffrey Baratheon

One is a vile, loathsome, power hungry ruler and the other is a racist, bigoted, Islamophobe who hates immigrants.

November is coming.

If the United States were Westeros and the Oval Office were the Iron Throne in the “Game of Thrones,” Donald Trump would undoubtedly be the (late) King Joffrey Baratheon — after all, they are both politically inexperienced, abhor foreigners and hate women. There is also the hair.

The similarities between the two are equally uncanny and horrific.

For starters, both Joffrey and Trump inherited their wealth from their fathers, and they both have a tendency to get carried away and couldn’t care less about the consequences. Also, people only pretend to like them.

They even share the same pouty look.

The Republican presidential nominee could very well be the next person to win the game of thrones… err, become the president of the United States. Therefore, here is a quiz to determine if the voters can figure out the business mogul’s quotes from that of King Joffrey’s on the hit HBO adaptation of George R.R. Martin “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.

Watch the video above to find out if you can correctly identify who said what.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, David Becker

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