Whole Foods Promises To Pull Peeled Oranges Off Its Shelves

Never again will you go to your nearest Whole Foods and see this scourge selling for $6. There might still be vials of asparagus water, though.

Whole Foods earned the collective disgust of the human race when the Internet chanced upon these photos of Whole Foods shelves.

These "fresh" oranges, encased in plastic containers, were "made right here."

Many on twitter wondered if these veganic-sprouted oranges could have had their wholesome, healing nectar preserved in some other way, for instance, if they naturally had a peel.


#OrangeGate was born, and people wondered what had they done to deserve $6 oranges.

But as it turns out, Whole Foods has finally saw the light and decided to repent.


But as with most good things, Whole Foods’ sanity did not last long. They came back with this horrid pun.


Time for an intervention, Whole Foods.

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Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Pascal Deschamps

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