Why Dads Holding Guns In Prom Pics To ‘Protect Daughters’ Isn’t Funny

A viral post written by a black mother perfectly outlines why these images of fathers threatening prom dates are not hilarious in any way.


Ivery Justivery recently got to the heart of an issue in a Facebook post that is going viral—why a father holding a gun and posing with his daughter and her date in prom pictures is not the hilarious joke most dads seem to think it is.

She explained that she knows fathers want to instinctively protect their daughters, all the more so because of their own behavior as male teenagers, but that “what [you’re] NOT gon (sic.) do is…pull a gun or any type of weapon out on MY son as your fear of karma.”

Justivery, as a proud black mother, clearly noted that, “I know we want to protect our daughters…but we won’t do that by instilling fear in our sons because you have yet to take accountability.”

Every prom season, there are a plethora of pictures in which fathers hold menacing weapons pointed at their daughters’ prom dates.

While this may seem hilarious to gun-lovers, it both reiterates negative objectification of women, as well as posits problematic notions concerning the nonchalance to gun violence in our culture.

Particularly for young black boys, there have been far too many deaths due to firearms, and we have seen ongoing instances of police brutality directed toward black men.

Justivery makes a great point, because she gets the “joke.” She just doesn’t find it remotely funny. 

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