Why Marco Rubio’s Second Place Finish In Nevada Doesn’t Really Matter

Despite his personal history in Nevada, where he spent six years of his childhood, the Florida senator lost the caucuses to Donald Trump. Again.

presidential candidate Marco Rubio

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio just had another moment of truth.

Not too long ago, the young White House hopeful regarded his third place finish in Iowa caucuses a victory. The media called him the “real winner,” while his campaign talked of a strategy to finish second in New Hampshire and first in South Carolina — the next two early voting states in the line.

But things didn’t turn out as planned for the Florida senator, who continued his losing streak by finishing fifth and second, respectively, to billionaire reality TV star Donald Trump.

Political pundits thought Rubio’s luck might start looking up in Nevada, where he not only spent six years of his childhood but also had on his side one of the best political teams that had worked with almost every successful Republican elected official. He even picked up some important endorsements and donors after former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush bowed out of the presidential race.

However, despite all the advantages, Rubio still did not manage to win the state that was supposed to be his “firewall,” according to The National Review. He won 23.9 percent of votes, coming atop Texas Sen. Ted Cruz who finished at 21.4 percent. Trump, meanwhile, dominated them all with a lead of 45.9 percent that cemented his position as the party frontrunner.

Although Rubio’s lead over the remaining Republican White House hopefuls is being seen as a victory by his supporters, the truth is a little more complex than that.

Marco Rubio

It is no secret that Rubio has become the GOP’s favorite (probably because there is no one else they can rally behind), but with Trump trumping him mercilessly in each primary, does his second place finish really matter at all?

Moreover, with Super Tuesday — when several states will hold primary elections to select delegates to national conventions  fast approaching, the only one who matters in the Republican camp right now is the boorish real estate mogul who seemingly does not have any support from his own party leadership.

If Rubio fails to pull out a victory in his home state of Florida on March 15, his chances of winning in any state are slim to none.

Therefore, those who have begun calling Marco Rubio  also known as Marco Roboto  the only real hurdle left between the Oval Office and Donald Trump should take a step back and rethink. Because according to the latest polls, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton seems to be the only one standing in the way of the billionaire and his dream of ruling the United States.

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