Why Ted Cruz Is Dangerous For The United States

The Texas senator may not seem as boorish or offensive as the Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, but he is just as bad.

As is evident by the poll numbers, scores of conservatives believe Ted Cruz is the Republican Party’s last hope, a last chance to save the GOP from the fascist clutches of presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Their reasoning is rather straightforward: Trump is a racist demagogue and a serial liar who blatantly hates everyone who isn’t born in America, isn’t Christian or isn’t white. He is also a bully who lacks both preparation for the office and ideological convictions required by a president.

However, what most voters fail to realize is that Cruz is just as dangerous — if not even more so than his rival.

For starters, the Texas senator is more fanatical. He denies the existence of climate change, opposes same-sex marriage, favors the death penalty, wants to carpet-bomb hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East, rejects immigration reforms and plans to annul “every blessed word of Obamacare.”

Also, unlike the business mogul who loves to announce every bigoted thought that pops into his mind, Cruz is smart, strategic and likes to play the long game.

Needless to say, both of these men would be a disaster for the country, but what most fail to realize, is that Ted Cruz might be the bigger one.

Watch the video above for the Ted Cruz’s fanatical views on important issues plaguing the nation.

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