Wife Of Putin’s Aide Shocks The World With Holocaust-Themed Ice Dance

Tatiana Navka and her dance partner performed in striped pajamas and six-pointed yellow stars that were worn by Jewish concentration camp prisoners.

The wife of one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s top aides has provoked outrage with an ice skating routine on Russian TV reality show based on a Holocaust theme.

For the performance, Tatiana Navka, who is a former Olympic ice skater and wife of Putin’s spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, and her dance partner, actor Andrei Burkovsky, wore the striped uniforms and six-pointed stars that the Nazis forced Jewish prisoners to wear in concentration camps.

They appeared on the Russian reality show “Ice Age.”

During the routine, termed “Holocaust on ice,” both the participants smiled at the audience while appearing to mime shooting at each other at one point.

They danced on the song "Beautiful That Way" by Israeli singer Achinoam “Noa” Nini, soundtrack of the Academy-Award-winning Italian film “Life Is Beautiful” in which a Jewish father pretends to his son that the family’s internment is just a game.


“Definitely watch this! One of my favorite numbers!” Navka wrote under an Instagram post about her performance, adding that: “Our children should know and remember that terrible time.”

While the judges were left impressed, the international reaction to the Holocaust theme prompted a lot of backlash:






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