Rescuers Search For Dolphin Wrapped In A T-Shirt By Horrid Humans

Wildlife rangers in Australia are searching for a bottlenose dolphin that might die from an intentional act of human cruelty.

In yet another display of animal cruelty, a very inhuman human being decided to trap a bottlenose dolphin in what appears to be a tank top or a T-shirt. Wildlife rangers were concerned about the wellbeing of the animal after they received a report from the Dolphin Discovery Centre on Australia Day.

An unidentified person saw the dolphin in Koombana Bay, south of Perth, trapped in a T-shirt and shared the photo, which soon drew attention of the concerned officials.

Unfortunately, the wildlife rangers were not able to locate the animal and are currently looking for it.

The department explained in an interview the possibility of the sea mammal getting into clothes on its own is very unlikely. 

"Dolphins are quite playful but it's unusual for them to be able to swim through something like that and get it sort of stuck," Pia Courtis from the state's Department of Parks and Wildlife told the ABC. "Thankfully for it, it's on the other side of its blowhole and its pectoral fins are out so it can still swim. But if it was done by somebody it's not great, and penalties under the Wildlife Conservation Act, the maximum penalty's about $4,000."

The department urged public to inform them if they see the trapped dolphin anywhere.

While we hope the dolphin is found safe and sound, the question is, when will we, the humans — the so-called superior species — stop committing such heinous crimes? This isn’t the first time humans have harmed animals for their own sadistic pleasure.

Earlier, this year a group of Chinese trainers thought it was the perfect idea to tie a Siberian tiger on a metal table with ropes so that customers could ride on its back and take pictures.

There are numerous other incidents where humans have harmed animals, especially sea animals, for the sake of taking selfies.

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