Will Yale Allow A Professor To Get Away With Sexual Harassment?

Yale University is under fire for not disciplining a professor who sexually harassed his students. An open letter from professors hopes to change that.

An open letter signed by over 300 professors urges the Department of Education to investigate the civil rights action lawsuit against Yale’s mishandling of sexual misconduct by renowned ethics professor Thomas Pogge.

As yet, Yale has turned a blind eye towards his inappropriate behavior with several of his former students. The open letter states that he “engaged in behavior that violates the norms of appropriate professional misconduct” and should be brought to justice for sexual harassment.

Pogge, a German-born philosophy and political science professor at Yale, was accused of sexual harassing three of his female students between 2010 and 2015.

The professor is being accused of using his position of power and white privilege as leverage over these young women and Yale is irresponsibly letting him get away with it.

One of the victims, Fenanda Lopez Aguilar, was given $2,000 from Yale after reporting in 2010 that Pogge behaved inappropriately towards her and was asked to sign a gag order. Aguilar was sexually harassed by Pogge and consequently fired by him from her postgraduate fellowship for reporting his behavior.

Buzzfeed reports that Aguilar and two other women filed a federal civil rights complaint against Yale in October 2015. The women alleged that the Ivy League university mishandled their complaints lodged against Pogge in violation of gender equity law Title IX.

The federal complaint provides evidence that Pogge has a history of sexual harassment and had previously been reprimanded for sexual harassment at Columbia, where he worked prior to Yale.

The Department of Education has not yet announced if it is going to investigate the civil rights action lawsuit against Yale for not disciplining Pogge, Huffington Post reports.



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