Man Calls 911 For Help, Police Turn Him Over To ICE

Tukwila police officials turned in Wilson Rodriguez Macarreno to immigration officers after he called 911 to report a crime.


In President Donald Trump’s America, it doesn’t matter if immigrants are victims — because they are considered the “intruders.”

Washington state's Tukwila Police Department turned a Honduran immigrant, Wilson Rodriguez Macarreno, over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents after he dialed 911 to file a complaint about a trespasser.

The 32-year-old is a carpenter with three children and naturally panicked for their safety once he realized someone was repeatedly trying to break in to his home and car.

The police responded to his call and arrived at the scene.

When Macarreno gave his ID to the police, they ran his information through the National Crime Information Center database, which is a usual procedure.

Apparently, he had an outstanding warrant.

In less than an hour, the immigrant was apprehended, along with the trespasser.

What’s even more outrageous, the trespasser was released because the officers didn’t have a probable cause to arrest him, according to Officer Victor Masters. However, Macarreno was driven down to an ICE field office in Seattle for processing.

The warning was clear: Don’t call the police to report a crime or you will get deported.

According to a Facebook post by the Tukwila Police, they believed the officials “were executing a valid order from a judge in the form of a criminal warrant."

Macarreno’s attorney Luis Cortes said ICE never arrived to pick him up but the officers were desperate, so they offered to take him to the field themselves.

His records suggest he came to the U.S. from Honduras in 2004 to seek sanctuary, as he was apparently targeted by the same gang that shot his brother and cut his friend into pieces.

Cortes argued his client had no criminal record and the arrest was illegal.

“I was kind of appalled,” the lawyer said when he heard the story by his client in Northwest Detention Center, where he is now being held.

The attorney also said local officers have no authority to arrest people on behalf on ICE.

Jorge Baró of Northwest Immigrant Rights Project said, "Local law enforcement (needs) to educate themselves."

In an update to the previous Facebook post, Tukwila police said they have issued a directive to prevent these things from happening again and the officers will not be responsive to ICE warrants.

Macarreno’s attorney said he was previously arrested by ICE in 2004 but missed his court hearing. Cortes said he is working to stop Macarreno from being deported and to reopen the previous case.

However, he insisted again the arrest by Tukwila police was improper.

Thumbnail/Banner Credit: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

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