Best Of Wimbledon 2017: Kim Clijsters Hands Man From The Crowd A Skirt

The best moment from the Wimbledon came from an off-center court match when the four-time Grand Slam winner Kim Clijsters invited a man to the court to have some fun.

Always expect the unexpected in the invitation doubles. A man in a skirt on court is the last thing one would have expected to see at the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

During an invitational match between Kim Clijsters and Rennae Stubbs and Andrea Jaeger and Conchita Martinez on Friday, a man shouted out some direction to the players on court.

Kim Clijsters was having a bit of fun in her match asking the crowd whether she should place her serve wide or down the middle, when a man wearing green replied from the stands that he wants her to go for a body serve. Chris Quinn, a tennis fan from Ireland, was quick to reply and ended up having the time of his life.

Clijsters jokingly invited him on to the court to try it himself, while Martinez handed him her racquet.

In the meantime, Clijsters helped Quinn into a spare skirt of hers and proceeded to dress him, falling on the floor laughing in the process, so that he could be dressed "appropriately" in Wimbledon attire.

Quinn clearly didn’t mind looking a tiny bit ridiculous and ended up hamming it up to get the chance to play and meet the stars.

He later tweeted about the incident thanking everyone:


He got a huge hug from Clijsters and as well as a photo with the entire group that he’ll surely cherish for a long, long time.

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