Wisconsin Cops Filmed Kneeing, Punching, Tasering Young Black Woman

Video footage shows two officers attempting to restrain and arrest an 18-year-old woman using physical force and a Taser to force her cooperation.


Yet another police confrontation was captured on video and posted on social media, this time involving an 18-year-old woman.

Madison, Wisconsin police said they responded to a call about a knife-wielding woman at a Taco Bell.

According to ABC News, the woman told police she was trying to retrieve a phone from one of the restaurant’s employees who had allegedly stolen it.

The video footage, which has sparked public outrage, begins with officers restraining the woman identified as Genele Laird. She can be seen struggling with officers and disobeying their commands to put her hands behind her back.

The two unnamed adult male officers then push the petite teen to the ground, kneeing her several times, punching her in the stomach, and tasering her torso and legs.

Naturally, the officers’ conduct raised some questions about the amount of force used against Laird.

While she was evidently resisting, it doesn’t seem like that much physical contact was necessary for two grown men to restrain a teenage girl.

Madison Chief of Police, Michael C. Koval, addressed the incident, saying the video only tells “part of the story” but an internal investigation will be conducted.

It might be easy to say that if Laird had just cooperated with police none of the events that followed would have occurred, but it’s important to look beyond this one encounter.

No one knows what Laird was thinking in that moment and perhaps the fear of what could happen to her in police custody provoked her unruly behavior.

It’s no secret that relations between U.S. law enforcement and the black community are very tense, to say the least.

Interacting with the police has become a traumatic ordeal to be avoided at all costs and Laird may have very well been acting out of immense fear — especially upon realizing the severity of what she had done by brandishing a knife in a public establishment.

Although the situation is still being reviewed and investigated, conventional wisdom says that these officers will get a slap on the wrist at most and Laird will be blamed for her own assault because of her disorderly behavior. 

WARNING: Footage contains images that may be disturbing to some viewers.

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @globalissuesweb

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