Blue Wave Strikes: Wisconsin Democrat Wins Big In District Trump Won

Caleb Frostman, a Democrat from Door County, Wisconsin, defeated a Republican challenger in an open-seated special election within a reliably "red" district.

A slew of special election and primary races across the nation took place on Tuesday, but one race in Wisconsin is catching the eyes of pundits.

In the northeast section of The Badger State, a special election to replace a Republican state senator who moved into the governor’s office ended up becoming a big win for Democrats. Caleb Frostman defeated his Republican counterpart, current state Assembly Rep. Andre Jacque, in a race that should have been an easy win for the GOP.

Frostman replaces Frank Lasee, a Republican who joined Gov. Scott Walker’s administration in late December.

Frostman’s victory — a three-point win over Jacque — is a huge swing from Lasee’s previous win, and from President Donald Trump’s victory in the district in 2016. Trump had defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton by 17 percent in the presidential election that year.

Walker had tried to prevent this election from even happening, preferring the seat to sit vacant from December of last year to the midterm elections this coming November. Citing a quirk in the state law, Walker tried to use a loophole to say that he didn’t need to call for a special election after Lasee left the post, but a court ruling (and several appeal denials) ended up forcing him to schedule the election.

Wisconsin, which voted for Trump in 2016, has been the site of many big “blue wave” victories in recent months. In the spring election, a liberal candidate won a position to the State Supreme Court, a victory Walker himself saw as a potential portent of things to come. Also, in January, another Democratic candidate won a special election race to replace a Republican who had left that office as well.

Wisconsin had been a state that, in recent years, had been pumping out Republican influencers on the national stage. Trump’s former chief of staff Reince Priebus is from Wisconsin, and current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan represents the First Congressional District in the state.

With Priebus being fired, and Ryan announcing his retirement, however, the GOP influence in the state is dwindling, and many people are now wondering: Could Scott Walker, who faces a tough re-election campaign this fall, be next? Hopefully, the people of Wisconsin can push this blue wave on, well into November and beyond.

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Vijay Kumar Koulampet/Wikimedia Commons

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