Man Attacks Woman Outside Walmart After She Asks Him To Move Cart

“I've teared up quite a few times just thinking about it. I'm just really grateful that my kids are okay," lamented the woman who was attacked.


A mother of two, who went shopping at Walmart, but what she experienced over there, was inhumane to say the least.

Cori Richardson went to the store’s parking lot after she was done with her shopping, but another man’s empty shopping cart was parked right behind her car. She asked the man who was standing next to it to move his cart so that she could pull out.

That’s when John Engebos, of Wauwatosa, lost his cool. Apparently, his male entitlement could not take a simple request from a woman and he brutally attacked her. He charged at Richardson and pushed her down on the ground with full force.

At this point, another girl, apparently Richardon’s daughter, can be seen running in panic to ask for help, as the cart in which the woman’s infant son was seated, started rolling.

“I yelled to him, ‘Can you please put your cart away?’ And he said ‘No, there’s people that they pay to do that.’ So I was like, ‘Well, just don’t leave it behind my car, please.’ And he literally just came charging right at me – full force,” Richardson explained.

The vicious man attacked the woman not once but twice, just because she asked him to move his empty shopping cart, proving how ego takes control over sanity.

“He threw me to the ground, was throwing punches and kicks,” said the woman, who was attacked in front of her children. “Then he attacked me again, this time grabbing my hair and threw me to the ground and kind of dragged me.”

Several people quickly gathered at the scene and made sure the violent man didn’t leave the premises as they called 911.

The police soon arrived at the site and arrested Engebos.

This was naturally traumatic for Richardson, but she is grateful that her kids were not attacked. “I’ve teared up quite a few times just thinking about it. I’m just really grateful that my kids are OK,” she said.

Engebos faced criminal charges for attacking the woman who lost a bunch of her hair and suffered from serious bruises because of his violent behavior. He was released after paying a$1,000 cash bond but could face imprisonment of 10 years if convicted.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Scott Olson/Getty Images

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