JK Rowling Masterfully Burns Trump With Her Witty Tweets

After White House aide Stephen Miller praised President Donald Trump for his oratory skills, author J.K. Rowling found a reason to unearth an old tweet of the president to make a literary point.

President Donald Trump looking out the window.

President Donald Trump isn't known for his eloquence, so when author J.K. Rowling found an old tweet of his quoting poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, she didn't miss the opportunity to use it to burn both the president and White House aide Stephen Miller.

In a recent Fox News interview, Miller praised the president, calling him the "best orator to hold that office in generations." The loyal aide went as far as calling Trump "the most gifted politician of our time."

Clearly, both statements seemed odd to the British author, who promptly unearthed an old tweet of the president quoting Emerson.

Quoting the old tweet, Rowling responded with one classy literary burn.

Earlier, however, Rowling had addressed Miller's comments regarding his boss and the possibility of war with North Korea.

Referring to the “best orator” remark by reminding her followers that in the golden ages of tyrants, sacrifices were offered to please the gods, she also taught us all a history lesson that should never be forgotten.

The Twittersphere couldn't have enough of her sass, of course.

What is left for us to know is if Trump will respond, taking to Twitter to target Rowling with his characteristic crass and borderline childish remarks in an attempt to hurt the celebrated author. At this point, one can only hope. After all, we're sure the "Harry Potter" creator would have a field day showing him who's boss.

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