Brock Turner Judge Gave Immigrant A Harsher Sentence In Similar Case

The Superior Court judge for Brock Turner’s case will give a three-year prison sentence to another person who has pleaded guilty of sexual assault.

The judge who gave Brock Turner a six-month jail sentence for sexual assault had a change of heart when it came to another similar case. 

Aaron Persky, a Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge, is set to sentence Raul Ramirez to three years in prison for sexually assaulting his female roommate, according to The Guardian.

“What’s happened with Mr. Ramirez is standard,” said Alexander Cross, a defense attorney who represented Ramirez. “The anomaly is the Stanford case.”

Three years is the minimum prison sentence for Ramirez, an immigrant from El Salvador. 

Whereas, Turner was recently sentenced by Persky to just serve six months of prison for sexually penetrating an unconscious woman.

Persky did not charge Turner with the minimum sentencing he should have received because he believed his case was “unusual.”

A petition was created calling for the removal of Persky as a judge on the Superior Court bench, which gathered more than 200,000 signatures.

The judge clearly did not find Ramirez’ case to be unusual as the immigrant was arrested at his home after the incident and given a harsher sentence than his white counterpart. 

Ramirez allegedly gave his victim a love letter and penetrated her with his fingers until she started crying.  

The judge will validate Ramirez's sentencing at an unknown date in the future. 

Ramirez’s bail is set at $200,000—which is $50,000 more than Turner’s bail amount, The New York Daily News reported. 

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