Mob Beats Up Woman, Parades Her Naked In India

“I’m speechless & numb to see the heart wrenching videos of that woman,” said the leader of the opposition in Bihar state about a mob beating and parading a naked woman in streets.

In yet another horrifying incident of mob violence, a woman accused of murder, was stripped and paraded naked by an unruly mob in eastern India's Bihar state.

According to the local news outlets, the woman was suspected to be involved in the murder of a 19-year-old after his dead body was found on the railway tracks in Bhojpur district.

Upon finding the teen’s dead body, identified as Vimlesh Shah, a group of 15 men reportedly travelled to his village and took the matters of the law enforcement bodies in their own hands.

The mob reportedly broke into the unidentified woman’s house, burned it and dragged her out on to the street and beat her.

The state’s police caught wind of the situation when they reportedly came across a video on WhatsApp of the woman being beaten.  The video of the incident showed a disturbing sight of the unnamed woman being paraded naked on the street surrounded by dozens of men.

As of yet, the police weren’t sure about the circumstances around the death of Shah which prompted the incident in question. The 19-year-old’s neighbors reportedly believed the woman who lived in a red light district nearby, was responsible for the murder as his body showed signs of strangulation, and that he had been dumped on the railway line in an attempt to cover up the foul act.

According to news sources, 15 men related to the appalling incident along with the woman were arrested later by the police. Moreover, seven police officers were reportedly suspended for not acting promptly enough.

The leader of the opposition in Bihar state, Tejashwi Yadav, criticized what he called the chief minister’s failure to maintain “law and order, [and] ensure women’s safety and security.”

“I’m speechless & numb to see the heart wrenching videos of that woman,” he said, referring to Bihar as a “lawless state”.

The woman was taken to a local hospital where she was receiving treatment for the injuries incurred during the vicious attack. However, it’s still unclear why the woman’s name was associated with the murder.

The police are still waiting for a post mortem report to draw any conclusions.

Whatsoever might be the case, the way the mob, without any sort of confirmation, humiliated the woman is just not justified and highlights how certain men in India have a terrible penchant for taking matters into their hands.

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