Woman Allegedly Dislikes Haircut And Returns To Salon To Shoot Barber

A San Diego, California woman was arrested for attempting to shoot a barber who ruined her haircut. Luckily, she didn't get a chance to hurt anyone.

When you go to a barber or hairstylist you are essentially entrusting them with the task of enhancing your beauty through your hair, so it’s perfectly understandable if you get raving mad when the person doesn’t style your hair in the way that you envisioned.

However, typical reactions include refusing to pay, vowing to never return, or going to someone else to fix what went wrong. One San Diego woman, however, went to the extreme and allegedly returned to a barber shop with a gun after being dissatisfied with her haircut.


Adrian Blanche Swain is reported to have walked back into a salon an hour after a trim, brandishing a firearm, according to Yahoo News.

Barber Manny Montero claims that after Swain received services from him, she gave him a $20 tip in addition to the $20 fee for her haircut — the generous tip was not an indication that she was at all unhappy with her hair.

The 29-year-old reportedly returned later with a different haircut, holding a gun and yelling, “Look what you did to my hair!”

Montero insists that the way her hair was when she came back is not how it looked when she left. “She came in with a bald spot on the side, and I am like, ‘I didn’t do that’,” Montero told NBC.

Swain was very serious about her intentions, she pointed the gun at Montero and pulled the trigger three times, but the weapon jammed.

"She had it. She was gonna do it,” said Montero. “For some reason, God was there.”

“[We] grabbed her arm, grabbed the gun. We threw her to the floor and held her until authorities came,” he added.

Swain has since been arrested and the San Diego Police Department has reportedly launched an investigation.

It’s miraculous that Swain’s gun jammed, as barber Chris Tatum noted, she could have shot three or four people if it had worked and their day would have ended in tragedy.

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