Woman Assaults Worker Who Mistakenly Spilled Water On Her Shoes

A woman in China, who has costly things but apparently no heart, assaulted a sanitation worker after she accidentally spilled water on her expensive shoes.

In yet another display of how awful human beings can get, a woman in China, brutally attacked a sanitation worker.

The sanitation worker’s crime: spilling water on the woman’s so-called expensive shoes by mistake.

Yes, you read that right; the poor woman did not deliberately throw water on the rich woman’s shoes.

The disturbing incident took place at a seafood market in Sanya, Hainan Island. According to bystanders, after the unnamed worker mistakenly splashed some water on the rich woman’s shoes and apologized, explaining she had no idea that the woman was standing over there.

But instead of accepting her apology, the unruly woman decided to thrash the worker over such a trivial matter. And while she was beating the worker, she kept screaming the worker could in no way compensate for the damage, as the shoes were very, very expensive.

In the footage posted by Chinese media, police officers can be seen handcuffing the violent woman, who was wearing a green shirt. Meanwhile, the sanitation worker, who was bleeding profusely, was taken to the hospital, as people around her put a cloth over her bleeding head.

It is pertinent to note the shoes look anything but expensive in the video. And even if they were costly, the owner of those shoes had no right to physically attack the sanitation worker, considering the fact it was an accident and she apologized.

People on social media were naturally outraged over this alarming situation.

“Wearing expensive shoes won’t hide your ugly heart,” one user from China’s Weibo wrote in the comment.

“Expensive shoes, but cheap people,” wrote another one.

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