Racist Woman Tells Elderly Couple To ‘Go Back To F****** Philippines’

The woman, who verbally abused a senior Filipino couple aboard the SkyTrain in Vancouver, is known to police for “anger-related issues.”

Earlier this week, commuters aboard the SkyTrain in Vancouver, Canada, witnessed a disturbing incident of hate and racial discrimination after a racist woman launched an expletive-filled tirade against an elderly Filipino couple.

The three passengers were traveling on the Millennium Line train heading toward Brentwood Town Centre when suddenly the woman began berating the couple for speaking Tagalog. The video above shows the unnamed woman telling the Filipino couple to, “go back to the f****** Philippines,” and, “If you decide to live in this country, you should learn how to speak English.”

Interestingly, she also kept insisting she wasn’t being racist.

“One of the first things I heard her say was, ‘Oh, you’re just a stupid [expletive] Filipino.’ There was swearing,” Paula Correa, an eyewitness who filmed the argument, told CTV Vancouver. “Everything she was saying was ridiculous. The couple was replying to her perfectly fine."

Ashley Klassen, another commuter who recorded the incident and uploaded the video online, gave a similar statement.

“It was a very eye-opening experience,” she said. “To see something like that in such a public explosion really just made me aware of what it is that different cultures experience when they come to a different country.”

Several commuters tried defending the elderly couple, but the racist woman harassed them verbally as well before finally leaving the train.

As it turns out, the assailant caught on camera is known to police for “anger-related issues.”

“The officers spoke to the elderly couple who were victimized by this woman, but they advised they were fine and they didn’t want any police involvement at all,” explained Anne Drennan from the Transit Police. “There isn’t anything documented that would indicate there’s a concern for public safety.”

As for the woman who verbally abused the couple, police intend to approach her “with a discussion and a warning about her behavior and her conduct when using the transit system,” Drennan said. “She will also be advised that there is a potential for charges of causing a disturbance should she behave in this way in the future.”

The woman’s identify has not yet been revealed.

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