Woman Attacks American Airlines Crew After Trying To Rush The Cockpit

A woman has had a criminal complaint filed against her by the FBI after she attacked a flight crew, forcing them to restrain her with zipties.

An American Airlines passenger has had a criminal complaint filed against her by the FBI after she went completely berserk seconds before her plane landed, forcing attendants to restrain her. 

American Airlines Flight 1033 criminal complaint by Benjamin Zhang on Scribd

The plane was just 200 feet off the ground, preparing to land, when passenger Charlene Sarieann Harriott left her seat and ran down the aisle toward the cockpit. 

Harriott repeatedly ignored the flight attendants' order to remain in her seat, flight attendants said. The crew was eventually forced to restrain her after they chased her down. 

When they tried to force Harriott back to her seat, Harriott allegedly became increasingly violent, kicking and biting the attendants. 

The crew was eventually able to restrain the passenger in the plane's first class cabin using duct tape and zip ties around her ankles and wrists. 

Upon landing, Harriott was taken into custody by the authorities. She is being held at the Mecklenburg County Jail until her court hearing this coming week. 

It definitely wasn't the smoothest flight in history. 

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