Trump Fans Scream At Latina Woman: 'You're Not An American'

A Latina woman who attended a Trump rally in Texas, holding a “minorities matter” sign, was recently criticized for not being American by Trump supporters.

The beauty of living in the United States is having the freedom of speech in our constitution, but it is also a double-edged sword when outspoken Trump lovers bash others.

A woman named Freda recently held up a sign at a Donald Trump rally in Dallas, Texas that read, “minorities matter” and Trump's supporters retaliated, according to The Telegraph.

In a video she posted on Twitter, one woman can be heard saying, “Go home, I don’t want you here!”

Most of the Trump supporters that were criticizing Freda for her controversial sign assumed that she was an undocumented immigrant, but she later shot those suspicions down by revealing that she was born in Texas. 

“You’re illegal! I have to pay taxes and live here, so do you!” another woman yelled to her.

Towards the end of the egregious video, the male Trump supporter could be heard questioning Freda's patriotism. "Then why aren't you an American?" He asked. "Why aren't you acting like an American?"

The other woman then chimed in, yelling, "Americans don't act like that."

Although she was verbally harassed by Trump fans, Freda remained calm and did not give the supporters the reaction they may have wanted to see.

"The key was to not give in to them and show anger but to remain positive and respectful unlike them,” she wrote.

Freda responded to some Twitter users, admitting that she felt like bursting into tears after the confrontation.

Facebook user Joe Amato reposted Freda's story on his page and included a message to Trump fans.

Trump supporters, this is who you are. Fat headed, ugly, bigoted, racist, self-important, judgmental, red necked, morons.”

Whether a person is a Trump or Clinton supporter, everyone needs to politely respect each other’s freedom of speech and be tolerant of one another's voting decisions. 

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