Woman Thwarts Robbers' Getaway Plan By Stealing Motorcycle Keys

A woman in Colchester, Essex County, Britain, slowed down some would-be robbers by making sure they couldn't use the keys to their getaway motorcycle.

An unidentified woman thwarted the plans of a pair of thieves in Colchester, Essex County, Britain, over the weekend.

Her heroic efforts helped police to arrest one of the suspects, and likely makes it a bit more possible to find the other who managed to get away.

While two men were robbing a nearby jewelry store, a woman close to the shop thought quick and grabbed the keys, still in the ignition, of the motorcycle outside of the establishment. When they came out, the thieves attempted to get the keys back from the woman, threatening her with vehicular tools, but were unable to wrestle them away from her. They fled on foot instead.

An off-duty police officer ended up tackling one of the thieves after they began running away. That man was arrested and was set to appear in court on Monday for his role in stealing items, including watches and jewelry, from the Chimes jewelry store in Colchester. The second suspect remains at large as of this writing July 30.

If not for the fast-thinking actions of the unnamed woman who pulled the keys from their motorcycle, the two men would have likely escaped without incident. Instead, her smart decision enabled police the chance to arrest one of the suspects, greatly increasing the likelihood of catching the other in the days ahead.

Bravery like this (and similar actions by others) should be commended. This woman would not have been criticized for refusing to intervene, especially since the suspects were armed with tools that could have injured her. But because of her sense of doing what’s right, at least one criminal has been apprehended.

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