White Woman Calls Cops On 12-Year-Old Black Boy Delivering Newspapers

“Police officer pulls up and asks us questions as if we were intruding in their area. Totally disgusted and disturbed that this kind of behavior still exist.”

In yet another racist incident against people of color in the United States, a resident in Ohio reportedly called cops on a teenager who was delivering newspapers.

12-year-old Uriah Sharp was on the first day of job and was delivering newspapers with his mother, Brandie Sharp, in Upper Arlington, Ohio. As it was his first day, he mistakenly delivered wrong papers in the homes which is why he had to go back and pick them up again.

A resident of that area, who remains unnamed, saw Uriah coming back towards the homes and then leaving with the newspapers. That is when she called the police.

The boy’s mother, who was with him this entire time, took to Facebook to share the incident.

“First day of paper route and we are pulled over by police...Sad I can’t even teach my son the value of working without someone whispering and looking at us out the side of their eye perhaps because we DON'T  ‘look like a person that belongs in their neighborhood,’” she wrote.

She added, “Police officer pulls up and asks us questions as if we were intruding in their area. Totally disgusted and disturbed that this kind of behavior still exist. My apologies Upper Arlington for bringing my 12 year old African American son into your neighborhood to deliver the paper and make a few dollars on the side...NO HARM INTENDED. I will make sure my boss changes his route.”

The neighbor, who had called the cops, told 911 that at first it did look like the boy was delivering newspapers. However, when she saw him leaving with something in his hand she became suspicious.

After Sharp posted the incident on Facebook, Brandie SharpUpper Arlington Police responded to the post and Officer Bryan McKean rolled out the claim that the incident was racially motivated.

There has been a spike recently in incidents where white people have called cops on African-Americans in the recent past.

Just recently, a white man in Winston-Salem, North Carolina reportedly called cops on a black resident while she was at the community swimming with her young son.

In another incident, an African-American man in St. Louis, Missouri was reportedly racially profiled at Walgreens store when an employee called the cops on him.

In a similar incident, a white woman reportedly called the police on an 8-year-old girl for, well selling water without a permit on a sidewalk in San Francisco. Later it was revealed what a big hypocrite, she was as she herself sold cannabis products without having a permit up until last year.

Another racist woman launched a foul-mouthed racist tirade at an immigrant passenger on a bus, and then asked the driver to call the police.

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