In A First, Woman Caught On CCTV Stealing Car In Saudi Arabia

“She deserves an award for first female car thief,” wrote a social media user, while another wondered if the woman was “just playing a prank on its owner.”


A little over two months after the ultra-conservative Kingdom of Saudi Arabia lifted the draconian ban that prohibited women from driving, a video showing a female thief reportedly stealing a car has gone viral on Saudi social media.

The surveillance footage captured a man getting out of a red car, leaving it unattended on the side of a road in the city of Dammam. He had apparently left the engine running because he wanted to quickly pick something up from a store.

However, as soon as he left the scene, a woman suddenly got out of a white car parked perpendicular to the red vehicle. Dressed in a floor length black robe – known as abaya, pair of sunglasses and a hat, the woman surreptitiously glanced at her surroundings while the white car drove away.

After making sure no one was watching her, she moved towards the driver’s side of the car, calmly opened the door and got in before driving away.

Although it is unclear when the incident actually took place, the video was shared by several local media news site earlier this week, drawing attention of social media users from across the country.

“She deserves an award for first female car thief,” commented one social media user, while another speculated, “I don't think she stole it, she's just playing a prank on its owner.”

Given how this was the first recorded incident of a woman stealing a car in the conservative kingdom that still subject its female population to some of the world’s harshest and most stringent laws, online users obviously had a lot of different theories on what might have actually gone down.

“It looks like a guy wearing an abaya,” said a Twitter user, as another wrote, “It's clear that it's a gang using this woman to steal cars.”

Some also thought “This is all fabricated, or it could be an act,” while others wondered, “Is there anyone who'd leave their car powered on while they make a run to a store?”

It’s unclear if the stolen car has yet been recovered by the authorities.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Toa55, Getty Images

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