Woman Chases Teen To Make Him Apologize For Calling Her The N-Word

“Who’s your mother?” the woman repeatedly asked the teen. He never answered her question, but he did offer an apology, blaming his “bad mood” for the slur.

An African-American mother should be hailed as a hero for confronting a racist white teen who called her the N-word and teaching him a lesson.

The woman, identified by the name that appeared on her Facebook page, “Ayo Henry,” posted video footage of the encounter, which has since been removed for violating Facebook’s policies against hate speech.

Nevertheless, nothing is ever truly gone from the internet, and as such, the video has been shared elsewhere.

Henry spotted the unnamed teen riding his bike as she was driving. She pulled over beside him and yelled for his attention.

“Hey you little s—t!” she shouted. “Remember that time you called me a n—r? Remember that?”

When the boy saw her, he took off on his bike, making his way behind an apartment building. The woman then got out of her car and chased him until she eventually caught up to him as he leaned over his bike, presumably, catching his breath.

“Who’s your mother?” she repeatedly asked the teen.

He never answered her question, but he did offer an apology, claiming he was just “in a bad mood” the day he hurled a racial slur at her.

That didn’t satisfy Henry, though, and she began asking him who taught him to use such offensive language.

“I was hanging out with the wrong people,” the boy said while wearing a sweatshirt designed in the likeness of the Confederate flag.

“It still looks like you’re hanging with the wrong people,” she replied, referring to his clothing choice. “We’re all people. You understand that right?”

She then urged him to re-evaluate his friendships and his sweatshirt before warning him that he is lucky to be receiving a lesson from her because he could have encountered “the wrong black person” who may not have been so patient with him.

“I don’t know who’s kid you are, but you need to come correct,” she added.

While it's fair to say that the teen is probably telling the truth about the crowd he hangs around, it's also likely that his behavior is accepted in his home as well.

After all, the boy got away with leaving the house in a Confederate flag-emblazoned sweater. A parent who teaches their child acceptance and tolerance probably wouldn't allow them to endorse racist symbols such as the Confederate flag.

Although the boy is still young, immature, and impressionable, we can only hope Henry's message resonated with him. He's been given an opportunity to see the error in his ways and make a change for the better, and it would be wise of him to do just that. The last thing this country needs is more generations of racists. 

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