Disabled Woman Claims She Was Stripped Naked And Abused In Jail

A 55-year-old woman is claiming that jail staff refused to let her have her medication, stripped her naked, and kicked her across a jail cell in 2015.

A 55-year-old woman is suing Genesee County Jail, alleging that staff there mistreated her in a plethora of horrendous ways.

State troopers confronted Jayne Cramer in 2015 following reports of a disturbance at a bus station. Discovering she had an outstanding warrant in Florida, they arrested her and placed her in the Genesee County Jail.

Cramer alleges that her three-day stay in the jail included mistreatment and neglect from staff, who refused to tend to her medical needs while she was behind bars. Cramer is missing several toes, and was unable to stand or walk on her own in the jail cell, forcing her to urinate and defecate in the spot where she lay.

In the lawsuit, Cramer alleges the reason she was on the floor to begin with was because she was stripped naked and thrown there by a sheriff's deputy. Another deputy allegedly moved Cramer around by kicking her, forcing her to roll around on the floor of her cell. She also says deputies refused to let her take medication for a pre-existing medical condition.

The injuries from abuse she received, the lawsuit states, forced Cramer to eventually have surgery, including a metal rod and three pins in her leg.

This would be the second attempt by Cramer and her attorneys at filing the lawsuit against her jailers. Cramer attempted to sue the jail in 2016, but both parties agreed to dismiss the claim “without prejudice,” which meant the lawsuit could be reintroduced at a later date.

Michael Edmunds, the former attorney of that case who was set to represent the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department, disputed Cramer’s allegations.

“The plaintiff is a nice lady and the lawyer is a nice gentleman, but these allegations are false,” he said.

Yet abuse in America’s prisons and jails is a recurring problem, one that needs to be addressed, especially when it comes to individuals with disabilities or other conditions.

Cramer’s claims against the jail may be difficult to substantiate, but that doesn’t mean her story should be dismissed outright. She deserves to have her say, and for a court of law to determine whether she deserves to be compensated for her mistreatment while in jail.

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