Woman Complains About Late Order, Uber Rep Changes Her Name To B****

“I was shocked when I opened my email to see the ‘Hi B****’ greeting. At first, I honestly thought, did I cross a line?”


An Uber customer representative changed a woman’s named to “b*****” after she wrote about how her order was delayed and she had to wait for an hour and a half.

Caitlin Reardon, 25, ordered food for some friends via UberEats. However, after waiting for more than an hour she got frustrated and called the service and asked them about the reason for the delay.

A representative told Reardon that her order was canceled as none of the drivers accepted the pickup. During all this time, the app showed that her ordered was being prepared.

The rep then suggested that she should go ahead and try ordering her food again.

Understandably unhappy with the service, Reardon decided to lodge a complaint and wrote to Uber saying, “I ordered food an hour and a half ago, called in to complain and the offshore call agent just kept saying I’m sorry to hear that you are upset the delivery service cancelled. This is unacceptable — if they were going to cancel, why not cancel any time in the first 89 minutes? Get better customer support and don’t accept orders that you can’t deliver on.”

Reardon finally got a response from the service the next day. However, it was not something she was expecting as in the email, she was addressed as “b****.”

“Hi, b****. Sorry to hear that the restaurant was not able to accommodate your order,” read the reply.

That is not all, someone who had access to her Uber account information changed her named to “b****” on the app as well.


“I was shocked when I opened my email to see the ‘Hi B****’ greeting. At first, I honestly thought, did I cross a line? But then I thought no, companies do not have the right to treat you this way regardless of what you may have said,” she said.

“I am just so upset. This was the last straw,” she added.

She further said that the incident goes to show how little the company cares for its customers and given the recent incidents, how little they have done to make sure customers are dealt with respect.

“You would think with all the negative press lately, there would be more safeguards against something like this happening. This just shows how little they care about this issue — it was so easy for this employee to change my profile,” said Reardon.

“The behavior of this agent is unacceptable, and he is no longer working with us as a result. High quality customer service is something we strive for every day, and we’re disappointed this standard wasn’t met in this situation,” an Uber spokesman said.

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