Woman Dies Waiting For Ambulance, Billed Anyway

After succumbing to injuries sustained in a collision with an ambulance, one woman’s family is being billed for an unused helicopter transport.

The ambulance company PHI Air Medical has taken their greed too far, charging a woman’s family for their “service” even though she wasn’t alive to make the trip.

On September 23, Sheila Breck was killed when an ambulance slammed into her SUV at 85 mph—an accident that also left two ambulance drivers and the driver of a pickup truck seriously injured.

"It turns out that an ambulance going to a different call hit her in my car going 85 miles per hour, so as to her injuries … I mean, the list of injuries are page after page after page," her daughter, April Breck, told WRTV-TV.

The emergency responders that arrived at the scene called for an ambulance helicopter to take Breck to the hospital—but she died before the helicopter even arrived and was never transported.

Not long after, a bill arrived.

“About a week later, I was trying to deal with all of the insurance issues, car insurance issues, and PHI, the air ambulance company, started calling me and telling me she had this bill for $25,000,” Breck said.

PHI Air Medical told Call 6 that it was actually just a statement—not a bill. However, Breck points out that it has “an ‘amount enclosed’ box and a place to put a credit card.”

“Sure looks like a bill to me,” Breck said, adding that she gets a new one every month.

"If our helicopter and crew have been called to a scene to provide critical care services to a patient in need, this means we have incurred costs on our end to provide this specialized care,” a statement from PHI Air Medical said.

While services may have been ready and available, the fact that Breck died before even using the service should mean that her family would not have to pay that bill. To add insult to injury, their sneaky tactics that would cause stress and anxiety for any family is plainly disturbing.

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