Woman Disowns Parents After Discovering Their Fervent Trump Support

A woman in Australia was shocked to find her mother listed as a California Trump delegate.

People who troll on behalf of Donald Trump online are almost exclusively strangers—thus, it is easy to dismiss and distance yourself from them, believing them to be uneducated, ignorant, and unrepresentative of the majority of Americans.

Unfortunately for Aubrey Perry, she discovered that one of these Trump trolls was her own mother.

Perry was examining a list of Trump’s California delegates to see whether white nationalist William Johnson was listed when she was shocked to see her mother’s name.

While Perry details that she knew her parents spouted racist language while growing up, she could not believe what her mother’s social media page looked like.

She writes in the Sydney Morning Herald that,

“I don’t use Twitter much. But, wow. My mum does. I recently checked her Twitter page for the first time in a while and was shocked. Hateful memes, ugly language, and appearance-based attacks, targeted at Hillary Clinton, stacked up. And not just hateful, but off-topic and malicious calling Hillary ‘ugly’, ‘old’ and ‘screechy’. An ‘unlikeable old bag. The ‘woman card’ stinks!’ my mother wrote. My mother! A college instructor! She should know better. She’s no internet troll. Is she?”

Perry publicly confronted her mother on Twitter, telling her that, “Your Twitter feed makes me disappointed and embarrassed of you as a person, a supposed critical thinker, and my mother. Shocked.”

Her mother responded by blocking her. Her father reportedly later emailed her, saying, “I know you have never said anything you might not like to be made public, so if you want to continue this attack mode, please remember all things have consequences.”

After realizing she could not be silent on this issue, Perry decided to publicly disown her parents, stating, “By ignoring racism, xenophobia, and misogyny within our families, we are accepting it within our culture. To ignore is to accept… If I don’t oppose my parents’ behaviour and objectives, if I don’t reject Trump and all that he stands for… I’m undoing the progress that generations before me have fought and died for. And that, I won’t accept.”

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