Till Death Do Us Part: Woman Takes Husband’s Corpse On A Road Trip

The woman was supposed to take the body to a mortuary, but thought a small diversion would cause no harm.

An elderly Alaska woman lost her 78-year-old husband suddenly when he died of natural causes on Prince of Wales Island — and she decided to deal with her loss in an unusual way.

The woman was understandably upset over the huge loss, and since she had had no time to say her final goodbye, the unnamed woman decided to take one final road trip with her man.

So she put her life husband's casket in her truck and drove over to Ketchikan. But she didn't go unnoticed — someone called the Ketchikan police to report the casket the on the move.

“The body was in that and supposed to be destined for the mortuary, but for some reason she decided to not go directly to the mortuary and had been driving around with him for a couple days,” said one officer.

The woman even stopped at a few canneries for ice and surrounded the casket with it to keep the body chilled.

Police involved in the case said they were not aware of any laws broken.

Custody of the body was handed over to a morgue and hopefully the family has seen to the man’s last rites and sent him to his final resting place.

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