Woman Fights Off Tiger With Stick, Takes Selfie Of Her Bloodied Face

"I am a bit worried about returning to my village so soon after an attack like this, but I am not scared,” said the young courageous girl.



A young Indian woman in Maharashtra, India bravely confronted a tiger with a stick after it attacked her goat.

Rupali Meshram, 23, said she was in her house when she heard her goat screaming. When she went out, she saw a tiger attacking the goat. She immediately took a stick and hit the tiger with it. The tiger in turn also attacked her.

That is when Meshram’s mother, Jijabhai, came to the rescue and pulled her inside the house to save her daughter from the animal.

The brave girl received minor injuries to her head, waist, legs and hands and her mother was also injured in the incident. However, both of them were later discharged from the hospital. Unfortunately, the goat, who Meshram fought for, didn’t survive.

A doctor who treated the brave woman also praised the girl for her “exemplary courage” and said she was lucky the animal didn’t bite her.

The mother later explained she was terrified to see her daughter bloodied, fighting with the tiger.

“I thought my daughter was going to die,” said her mother.

Meshram said they had contacted a forest guard but the tiger was already gone by the time he arrived. The village is near a wildlife park which is why wild animals often come near residential areas.

"I am a bit worried about returning to my village so soon after an attack like this, but I am not scared,” said Meshram.

After the ordeal was over, the young woman bravely took a selfie with her mother in her blood-stained face.

Over the past couple of years, selfies have frequently been a major reason of fatal, or nearly fatal, accidents across the world. But that hasn’t deterred people from risking their lives for the perfect click.

Recently, the dangerous quest reportedly claimed two more lives in India when a group of boys were swept away by waves in Rampur district.

In another incident, a boy was reportedly trying to enact a suicide scene. He has a noose tied around his neck and was standing on a chair. As the boy tried to take a selfie, the chair slipped from beneath his feet, and the noose tightened around his neck.

The boy’s family rushed him to the hospital, and thankfully, he survived.

Although many people across the globe seem to have a dangerous relationship with selfies, India had the most selfie-related deaths in 2016. It was reported that of the 127 reported selfie deaths from March to Sep. 2014, "a whopping 76 deaths occurred in India alone."

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