Every Piece Of Sexist Hate Mail This Biologist Gets Helps The World

For every remark an online troll lobs her way, Emily Temple-Wood does some meaningful and unique to fight back.

Emily Temple-Wood studies the wonders of the world, but often confronts the scum of the earth, all because she's a woman. 

An undergrad at Loyola University planning for a careering as a biologist, Temple-Wood often is on the receiving end of online harassment. Angry about how the way women are treated, she kicked off a project called WikiProject Women Scientists in 2012. Four years later, Wood has now been joined by numerous other female Wikipedians who are enthusiastically creating new biographies on women working in the field of science.

As the popularity of the project grew, Wood received more hateful comments purely based on her gender. While some people asked her out on dates, others asked for sexual favors, and if she didn’t respond, they left worse remarks.

Unfortunately, this is just not the story of Wood. Any women who reaches a certain level of success or achievement in her life falls into the limelight and becomes a public object to be criticized.

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Wood’s project now has 76 members who work on a regular basis, getting out hundreds of articles about successful women, breaking gender stereotypes and reaching heights regardless of being a woman. She has featured the stories of many others including Katharine Luomala, an American anthropologist, and Liliana Lubinska, a Polish neuroscientist.

Hopefully, her project featuring stories of hundreds of independent, successful women will serve as a clear message that females are not an object and are equally capable as men. Women excel alongside men in all walks of life, and there is absolutely no reason they should be thought of as any less. 

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