Woman Gets Fired Because ‘Pregnancy Isn’t Part Of The Uniform’

A woman working at Dolce & Gabanna got fired after becoming pregnant.

The discrimination toward pregnant women even in 2016 is staggering; there have been thousands of pregnancy discrimination charges filed in the U.S., and Procter & Gamble (P&G) has just been added to the list.

Tiffany Kantrowitz has alleged that while working at P&G’s Dolce and Gabanna shop in New York City’s Saks Fifth Avenue, she faced discrimination in multiple ways after becoming pregnant. Kantrowitz claims that her employers refused to accommodate her pregnancy in any way, such as allowing her to sit on a stool while feeling dizzy and nauseous, or allocating her break times in accessible rooms.

New York law mandates that pregnant women are given reasonable accommodations in the workplace, yet the company essentially made her time at work difficult and stressful. When she approached the HR department about the issue, they provided no assistance, informing her that “she had to meet the same standards as her coworkers who weren’t pregnant.”

Kantrowitz expressed that, “It made my daily work life extremely stressful, to the point where I was concerned about my wellbeing and very concerned about the wellbeing of my unborn child.”

She also noted that this behavior from her employer was unsurprising—when she initially told her boss she was considering having a child, he told her, “Pregnancy is not part of the uniform.”

After four months of this treatment from P&G, Kantrowitz was fired.

The company claims that she was terminated from her position due to having tester items with her personal belongings, but Kantrowitz’s lawsuit challenges this, citing her firing as due to “retaliation for [her] insistence on her right to a reasonable accommodation for her pregnancy.”

This discriminatory attitude toward pregnant women is found in all work fields; a group of Chicago elementary school teachers filed a lawsuit that they faced lower performance evaluations and were fired after becoming pregnant.

In this instance, the teachers prevailed and won the lawsuit—let’s hope Kantrowitz also receives the justice she deserves.

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