Racist Woman In Australia Abuses Muslims On A Bus, Slaps Driver

“Everyone who is Muslim has a chance to be radicalized,” the woman told a Muslim.

A video has emerged of a white woman in Australia going on a vile Islamophobic rant about Muslims on a bus before she is captured slapping the driver after he tells her to get off.

The incident reportedly took place on bus route 185, which was heading to Mona Vale from Wynyard, Sydney. 

Witnesses say the woman was shouting on the bus making remarks such as “We can’t let them come in … they are going to bomb us all … F**k them, they are going to kill us.”

She is filmed saying, “Everyone who is Muslim has a chance to be radicalized” before a passenger tells her they themselves are Muslim.

The video then shows the bus driver stepping in and saying: “Could you please get off my bus, or I will get the police now."

When she asked what she had done wrong, the driver replied, "The racist abuse for starters."

The bus driver ejected the passenger off the bus and as the footage shows, she appears to physically assault him as she departs the bus.

Officers from the Police Transport Command have confirmed they are investigating and have called for witnesses to the incident to come forward and assist.

Islamophobia Register Australia spokeswoman Mariam Veiszadeh said that they had been receiving an increase in reports about Islamophobic incidents - and they were also becoming more serious and severe.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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