Racist White Woman Attacks Biracial Group, Yells ‘Get Out Of Berkeley’

“We looked like we had gotten in a fight. We didn’t know if they would believe us,” said a woman who was attacked by the racist woman.

A biracial couple walking on a sidewalk in Berkeley, California, was followed and attacked by a white woman on Memorial Day weekend.

Essex Cook, 30, who is technician at a mobile company, was out with his girlfriend, son, a cousin and friends to Oakland Zoo. After the trip to the zoo, the group had some burgers and decided to get some boba tea. They began taking pictures as they walked their way to the shop.

That is when Cook realized that a stranger was constantly following them. He thought maybe they were taking a lot space on the sidewalk so he asked the woman to pass by them. The woman refused to do so and continued walking with them.

The 30-year-old said the situation became extremely uncomfortable because at one point the woman was literally breathing down the back of his neck. That is when he decided to tell the woman to move past them and turned on his left to give her space.

However, the woman said she wanted to walk on the other side. The group then moved on the other side of the sidewalk but the woman just didn’t move ahead and accused them of blocking her way.

As the group struggled to walk away from the white woman, she suddenly told Cook, “You don’t belong here. Get out of Berkeley. Get out of here. You don’t belong anywhere.”

The group was biracial and Cook said he was black.

He added that the woman was being aggressive and was so close to him that he had nowhere to move. She also challenged them to fight but Cook said he knows how to deal with racist people because he has been attacked several times.

The woman then attacked Cook’s cousin, Elexia Cook. She pulled her braids and grabbed her dress. Cook came to his cousin’s rescue and got hold of the woman.

Even after being attacked, the family asked the woman to leave them alone but she flat out refused and went ahead and attacked another member of the group. This time it was a woman who had a 15-month-old son with her.

The racist woman ripped apart her shirt and exposed her body leaving scratches on her chest. The family said they constantly called for help and asked people to at least witness what was happening to them so it was easy to explain the situation to the police but passersby simply ignored them.

However, a white couple listened to their plea and stopped by. They then called the police but the group was nervous as to how the cops would react and if they would believe what actually happened with them.

“When the police cars arrived, I was scared,” said Elexia. “I didn’t know what the white couple that stood there was going to say to the police, or what they said over the phone. We were scared that something else might have happened, and we would be arrested along with her until things got sorted out.”

When police arrived, the woman attempted to put the blame on the group and said she had been assaulted by the “mob.” Fortunately, the officer recognized her and handcuffed her.

The woman was identified as 31-year-old Lauren Milewski who had a long criminal record.

She was currently on probation for a robbery incident that took place in 2017. The incident was described as a violent felony. However, Milewski took a plea in the case and as a result all other charges against her in the case were dismissed.

The 31-year-old was placed on a five-year probation term and was released from jail after serving a couple of months.

She was taken into custody after the Memorial Day incident but Cook said they didn’t want to press criminal charges on her. However, the first officer who arrived at the scene arrested her on suspicion of public intoxication and probation violation.

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