The Moment A Tiger Mauls A Woman To Death At Chinese Wildlife Park

Tragedy struck Beijing Badaling Safari World after a woman refused to follow safety guidelines and got out of her car.

Warning: This video contains content that may be disturbing for some users

A woman was mauled to death and a second one seriously injured after they were attacked by a tiger in Beijing, China.

The shocking incident occurred Saturday at Beijing Badaling Safari World, located at a Great Wall tourist hotspot.

CCTV footage of the attack shows a woman getting out of her car after reportedly having an argument with her family in the vehicle. Just seconds later, a tiger suddenly leaps up behind her and drags her away.

However, it was not this woman who got killed. A man, a child and a second woman (reported to be the victim’s mother) rushed out of the car to fend off the tiger.

A second tiger lying in wait pounced on the mother and whisked her away. The park’s security quickly sent rescue teams to the site but it was too late for the mother, who died from the animal’s assault. The daughter, the first victim, was recovered but not without serious injuries.


The wounded woman was transported to a hospital and the park was closed while an investigation was launched.

Visitors at the safari park are allowed to drive through the Siberian tiger enclosure to get a good look at the feline creatures but are cautioned strongly to stay inside their vehicles. The family's choice to ignore the safety instructions unfortunately led to the tragedy.

This isn’t the first time such an incident occurred at the popular tourist destination. In 2014, a patrolman who worked the tiger zone was killed by the animals after he got out of his vehicle to relieve himself.

An 18-year-old migrant farmer was also mauled and killed after he climbed over the tiger’s fence without paying attention to the warning signs.

Similar incidents are on the rise around the world mainly due to human interference in wildlife. Although the animals in the latest case were in a natural habitat, the attack happened because humans were trespassing recklessly on their lands.

One can only hope the authorities do not kill the tigers, which are an endangered species, as happened when an alligator that drowned a child at the Disney World resort in Orlando was euthanized or when a silver-backed gorilla that grabbed a child who fell in its enclosure was shot dead.

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