Woman Hit By Car After Uber Driver Kicked Her Out Files Lawsuit

The injured party, a California woman, is accusing Uber of fraud, as it promises to be a safe alternative to app users who have been drinking.

Man walks under an Uber logo.

Uber has not been having the easiest of times as its legal troubles continue to grow.

As the company continues to deal with the backlash from a fatal pedestrian accident involving a self-driving Uber, another lawsuit involving an injured passenger promises to give the company’s executives a run for their money. 

Margaret Schimmel, a woman who claims she experienced severe injuries after being told to get out of an Uber in Santa Barbara, filed a lawsuit against the company. But now, Uber is trying to get the suit dismissed, claiming the woman filed the case in the wrong county.

Additionally, the firm contends, drivers are contractors, and they do not have a “direct relationship” with the company, meaning that the firm now claims it isn’t liable for punitive damages.

Schimmel is accusing the company of negligence and fraud for representing to the public that it provides a safe alternative to driving at night after drinking.

In her lawsuit, she says that she used Uber because she had been drinking that night. But in the middle of the ride, the suit states, the driver pulled over “without legal justification or good cause.”

After being dropped off at the median, the woman and her brother tried crossing to the shoulder of the freeway, but she was then hit by a hit-and-run driver, causing her to suffer “catastrophic injuries.”

While it’s too early to claim that the several legal issues the company is facing will end up spelling out trouble for the ride-sharing giant, the company has been struggling in other countries as well, such as the United Kingdom and the entire region of Southeast Asia, where the operations were recently sold.

With Lyft being able to expand slowly and steadily, it appears that Uber may have a hard time competing if it continues to find itself involved in lawsuit after lawsuit.

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