Woman Plummets 40 Feet To Her Death After Falling From Zip Line

A woman from Felton, California was waiting in line to go on a zip line ride at Delaware Park, when she fell of the platform and plunged to her death.

Update: USA TODAY reports that the 59-year-old woman who died while standing on a platform waiting to zip line in Delaware "unfortunately disconnected herself from the safety system" on the final platform, Go Ape Zip Line and Treetop Adventure said in a statement. 

The company also mentioned that the woman received proper training on how to stay attached to the safety system during the adventure. 

Police have not reported on whether or not she was properly attached during the high-rope course. 

Most of us have made a bucket list of the things we want to do before we die and for one woman, it was zip lining and unfortunately, it led to her unexpected death.

Tina Werner, 59, was waiting in line for the zip line ride at Lums Pond State Park when she fell 40 feet off the platform to her death, Delaware Online reports.

The zip lining experience was through Go Ape "Tree Top Adventure" in which participants are provided with climbing harnesses and carabineers, according to ABC News.

During the ride, the harnesses and carabiners are clipped onto safety wires in the treetop course and includes four zip lines and goes across seven acres of the park.

The Go Ape website states that its zip line customers receive a 30-minute training course before going on their own without direct supervision in the adventure.

Zip line instructors, however, do patrol the course for any assistance that may be needed.

“Waivers are signed by participants to accept responsibility for following the safety rules and advice on the course and assume all risks associated with his/her participation,” the company's website states. “These safety rules are communicated thoroughly in a safety brief that is required of every participant before they Go Ape.”

Go Ape employees and park rangers performed first aid on Werner until she was treated by New Castle County Paramedics and transported to Christiana Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

“She was finishing her bucket list,” said Werner’s daughter Melissa Slater.

Her daughter told the media that Werner was able to complete at least one zip line prior to falling to her death.

“So she did do it,” Slater said on Facebook.

Jeff Davis, a spokesman for Go Ape, said the zip line rides are inspected regularly and the ride is closed for an unknown period of time to assist with the ongoing investigation and out of respect to Werner’s family.

“The Go Ape company is extremely saddened by this,” he said.

The Lums Pond State Park needs to evaluate whether the attraction is worth keeping around after this incident. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Ahmed Jadallah

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