Woman Rescued From Landslide After Being Trapped For 13 Hours

Indonesia is in a race against time to find and save victims after torrential rainfall caused flash flooding.

Indonesian rescuers successfully pulled out a woman from a car that was trapped after a landslide caused a wall of an underpass to collapse in Jakarta, Indonesia. The woman, who nearly escaped death, was trapped in her car for 13 hours.

Several other people are still missing after heavy downpours and flash floods wreaked havoc in the capital city and neighboring West Java. Another woman who was trapped in the same vehicle was rescued hours earlier; sadly, she didn't survive after reaching the hospital.

Both the women reportedly worked for GMF Aeroasia, a subsidiary of national airline Garuda Indonesia.

Every year, several landslides and flash floods hit Indonesia after seasonal downpours. The country has more than 17,000 islands and millions of people reside in mountainous areas or on flood plains.

The rescuers' duty remains tough. Earlier, they retrieved a body from villages after they were devastated by landslides in the hilly West Java resort town of Puncak. The search for at least eight other victims is still ongoing.

Police confirmed two deaths from the landslides in that area.

The landslides blocked the main road connecting the area to the country’s capital.

Jakarta, which is home to over 30 million people, raised its flood alert to the highest level following the flash floods and torrential rainfall.

According to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency, the floods have forced almost 6,500 people to leave their homes.

People on social media have shared frightening videos of the floods on social media.





Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Antara Foto

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