Woman Runs Over Boyfriend After She Finds Out He Is HIV-Positive

People originally thought a hit–and-run captured on CCTV was a drug deal gone wrong. But the backstory is even more interesting.

CCTV footage, showing a 43-year-old woman knocking her boyfriend down at a park near 13th Street and Hatcher Road after she found out he was HIV positive, has been released in court.

The video shows the woman, Misty Lee Wilke, from Phoenix, Arizona, knocking down her boyfriend, who was riding a bike. Wilke was behind the wheel in her red Ford Mustang.

The man is seen flying into the air, somersaulting over the Mustang’s roof and then landing on the tarmac next to his bike. Bystanders immediately appeared at the scene, trying to help the man up. Although he managed to stand up on his own, he fell over a block wall and into a yard.

Fortunately, the man escaped with his life with a head injury and fractured vertebrae while Wilke was arrested.

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The incident took place in April and has been under the scrutiny of the court ever since. Apparently, on the morning of the incident, when Wilke’s boyfriend broke the news of being HIV positive to her, he was seen laughing. He then reportedly pulled out a pocket knife, and cut her arm when they got into an argument.

Wilke is charged with attempting to commit second-degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She pleaded not guilty, saying that although she was aware that she had hit someone while driving by, she was not aware that the person was her boyfriend.

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