Mom Scammed Out of Thousands By Thieves Posing As Her Daughter

A group of robbers conned a woman from Queens,New York by fooling her into believing one of them was her daughter so they could steal $10,000.

Robbers will go to any extent to steal money from other people, even if it means pretending to be a member of another person’s family.

A suspect conned an unidentified mother on a phone call in July, and pretended to be her daughter in need of money to repay her "friend," who happened to be another one of the thieves in the scheme, The New York Daily News reports.

The two scam artists were crying hysterically to the woman on the phone, and her so-called daughter's friend claimed that her daughter owed thousands of dollars that she let her borrow.

The fake friend continued the conversation, saying that she needed the money back in order to pay for her mother-in-law’s funeral.

The naïve mother truly believed that her daughter was in distress, so she gave $10,000 in cash to another suspect, this time a male, who entered who home and collected the money.

The man drove away in a red Mustang and police are still investigating to identify the three suspects who conned the woman.

This woman’s desperate attempt to help her daughter is heartwarming, but she should have called or texted her daughter to confirm the story was true before proceeding with giving away money to an unknown man. 

Banner Image Credit: Steven Depolo, Flickr/Creative Commons

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