Woman Shames Alleged Groper In Fiery Tweetstorm On Plane

A woman bravely stood up for herself in a series of Tweets shaming the man who had allegedly groped her as she was boarding a plane headed for Los Angeles.

Alleged sexual predator, serial groper and incidental Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump, may be inspiring more gropers.

A woman was boarding a flight when a man allegedly “grabbed & stroked” her leg as she walked past him to her seat on the plane.

Ariana Lenarsky, immediately told the cabin crew what had happened. The crew simply nodded as there had already been a complaint by another woman who alleged that the man had tried to kiss her.

When Lenarsky saw that the flight attendants weren’t taking any real action, she immediately took a picture of the man and fired off a series of tweets on Twitter, illustrating the incident.

She learned from her conversation with the police, however, that because of jurisdiction laws, she could only press charges from Texas since the incident had taken place while the plane was still on the runway in Texas.

As far as the other woman was concerned, because her incident happened in the air, it came under the FBI’s jurisdiction, but she chose not to press charges.

The police said that the man would be given a serious “talking to,” but that the incident could hardly be deemed “the crime of the century.”

It seems a little harmless groping is much ado about nothing in the eyes of law enforcement officials in the country. As a result so many women just like Lenarsky refuse to come forward with their stories.

This attitude is indicative of how in American society, the harassment of women is considered nothing but an annoyance that is simply a part of being a woman.

This isn’t surprising when the presidential nominee of a major party can brush away his boasting of sexual assault as “locker room talk,” and still be considered a viable candidate. 

Banner Photo: Twitter @aardvarsk
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