Woman Shares Photos Of Baby's Growth Who Was Born Into Drug Addiction

Heartwarming photos of the drastic transformation of a toddler born into drug addiction and taken in by relatives tugged at Twitter's heartstrings.

A young woman sparked a wave of heartwarming tweets after she shared photos of the transformation of her baby cousin, who was born into drug addiction.

Blaine Hamilton, 21, tweeted about her 17-month-old cousin, Coleman, who is now being raised by her parents after being taken out of the care of his drug-addicted biological parents.

After caring for the infant for more than a year, the Hamiltons have gained official guardianship of him and are on track to finalizing the adoption within 30 days, BuzzFeed reports.

When Coleman was first brought into their family, his health was on a downward spiral. Just after he was born, he was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis, a gastrointestinal tract condition that can cause babies to projectile vomit. According to his relatives, baby Coleman had to undergo surgery to treat his dire condition.

"He was...malnourished and exposed to harmful drugs," Blaine's mother, Kaysi Hamilton, reportedly told BuzzFeed. "He was taken by care flight to a children's hospital at 8 weeks old."

This was the traumatic incident that forced Child Protective Services to pull Coleman from the care of his biological parents and call upon extended family members to take him in.

The Hamiltons stepped in right away.

"My parents were like, 'We’ll take him. We’ll go to the hospital,'" said Blaine Hamilton.

Kaysi Hamilton noted that although Coleman's parents cannot care for him, he will still know and grow up with his biological relatives.

"He was my brother's son, so knowing that he is with his biological family and that he will grow up with his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. is comforting and rewarding to us," Kaysi Hamilton said.

Since being in the Hamiltons' care, Coleman's health has significantly improved. He is no longer suffering from pyloric stenosis and he has reached a healthy weight.

"We nicknamed him 'our little trooper,'" Kaysi Hamilton said.

Blaine Hamilton shared the images of Coleman on Twitter in excitement after a court officially granted custody of the toddler to her parents last week. Her tweet quickly went viral and inspired other families to share similar stories.

"We are awestruck by the support on Twitter around the world," Kaysi Hamilton said. "There are some beautiful souls out there."

"We pray that Coleman's brief moment of fame has a greater purpose," she added. "He represents the struggles that people around the world are facing every day in silence, fear, and darkness. ... We pray he is a message of hope — that maybe one person will stop using, or one person will foster a child, or a child of drug-addicted parents will know that there is hope."

As Coleman continues to grow, he will come to learn just how fortunate he is to have had the Hamiltons come into his life as many children throughout the nation and the world are not so lucky

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