Woman Shoots Homeless Man Who Asked Her To Move Her Porsche

“She had no intention of killing him. She didn’t know that she hit him,” said the woman's father, Jesse Quackenbush, who is an attorney in Texas.

A Tennessee woman shot a homeless man and left him for dead after he asked her to move her luxury vehicle.

Katie Quackenbush, 26, was driving a Porsche SUV last month near an area where 54-year-old homeless man, Gerald Melton, was trying to sleep, according to Raw Story.

When Melton asked Quackenbush to move the vehicle because the fumes from the exhaust and blaring music were interrupting his slumber, an argument between them erupted.

The dispute ended with Quackenbush pulling out a gun and shooting Melton twice in the abdomen.

After shooting Melton, the young woman retreated to her vehicle and fled the scene, leaving the man for dead.

Ironically enough, Quackenbush’s father is a Texas attorney. He defended his daughter’s cruel actions by pulling the self-defense card, claiming that Melton was threatening to kill her just before she opened fire on him.

“She didn’t try and kill this guy,” Jesse Quackenbush said. “She had no intention of killing him. She didn’t know that she hit him… She did say she closed her eyes when she shot both times, but they were warnings, and she thought she pointed away from him.”

She would have to be an excellent markswoman to hit Melton twice in the same area with her eyes closed. Nevertheless, the woman has been charged with attempted murder and is set to appear in court in early October.

Luckily, Melton survived the assault and is recovering in the hospital.

“She has a son,” Jesse Quackenbush said, according to the Tennessean. “She’s never done anything like this in her life. She had an eyewitness in the front seat.”

While Melton’s side of the story is yet to be told, there are certainly some questionable holes in Quackenbush’s account of the events.

Her father claims she left the scene because there was no indication that Melton had been hit, but it seems incredibly unlikely that he inconspicuously took two bullets to the stomach without so much as even moaning in pain. 

Under the surface, this sounds like a case of an entitled, privileged young woman who saw the homeless man's life as expendable and knew that if she did happen to run into any trouble for shooting him, her lawyer father would rush to her rescue. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Pixabay, Ben_Kerckx via Creative Commons 

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