'F***ing Lebanese Dog': Woman Slaps And Hurls Racist Abuse At Bouncer

While he had every right to react angrily, a bouncer kept his cool amid the racist tirade of a woman he'd asked to leave the bar for being too intoxicated.

In a startling moment caught on camera, a drunk woman launches a racist tirade at a bouncer in Sydney, Australia — even slapping him across the face — yet the man never loses his cool despite the abuse.

The footage was reportedly the escalation of an incident that began with the bouncer asking the woman to leave the bar for being severely intoxicated. Outside the bar, the woman began hurling insults at the man, calling him "a lying f***ing Lebanese dog" and "a f***ing Muslim," among other crude remarks.

Despite the onslaught of abuse, the bouncer maintains his cool, even after the woman repeatedly strikes him. He calmly tells her that she assaulted him and that she needs to wait until the police arrive.

The footage, which is more than eight minutes long, was uploaded onto the user-generated content website Newsflare by Danny Ridley with the description, "A woman in her 50s is kicked out of a bar for being too drunk, then physically assaults and racially abuses the security guard for doing his job."

The bouncer had every right to defend himself, but he made a choice to try to de-escalate the situation. The world would have understood if he reacted angrily, but the world now admires him because he met hate with grace.

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