Woman Thought To Be Asleep On The Job Was Really Having A Heart Attack

A UK woman is lucky to be alive after collapsing at work due to a sudden heart attack that made her coworkers think she was had just fallen asleep.

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A woman lost consciousness as she experienced an unexpected heart attack at work, but her coworkers thought she had simply fallen asleep on the job.

Imogen Guest, 22, had been working in a call center for Virgin Atlantic located in Crawley — a town in West Sussex, England — for just a few months before she collapsed one day at her desk.

“I don’t remember much about the whole incident but I was told that people thought that I had fallen asleep at the desk,” Guest recounted.

“It was only when they couldn’t wake me up that they realized that something more serious had happened,” she added.

Upon realizing she was unconscious, her colleagues moved her to the floor and shocked her with their office’s on-site defibrillator, according to Metro.

An air ambulance rushed to the scene and worked for an hour to stabilize Guest before transporting her to the hospital.

After spending two weeks recovering in the hospital and having a small internal defibrillator placed above her heart, Guest considers the scary ordeal to be “one of the best things that ever happened” to her.

“When something like this happens to you, it does make you see things differently,” she reportedly said. “I have a brand new outlook on life; things that used to annoy me like little rows with my mum or even road rage don’t bother me anymore. I am so chilled out.”

Just imagine if Guest’s coworkers had just ignored her, thinking she was taking a power nap, or if they had followed the trending protocol of pulling out their phones and taking pictures and video of her “sleeping” on the job — making a joke out of her rather than actually checking on her well-being.

There’s a strong chance that she wouldn’t be here today if her colleagues acted in any other way than they did.

Guest is fortunate that other staff members tried to wake her, and her experience serves as a reminder of how one little decision can drastically change the course of a situation. 

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