Woman Throws Herself In Front Of Speeding Car To Save Boy's Life

Caught in a harrowing video, a woman risks her own life to save a little boy from an out-of-control, speeding car. The town is honoring her as a heroine.

Shanta Jordan had a life to lead and probably a million things to do when she threw herself in front of a speeding car in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in order to save the life of a little boy.

A seemingly average day can take a terrible turn in the span of a breath, and thanks to Jordan, a tragedy was averted last Wednesday.

Her act of bravery was caught on surveillance video and is as difficult to watch as it is inspiring.

"If she did not step in, the child would be in direct contact with the motor vehicle against the wall and most likely, he would have perished, he would have died," Bridgeport Police Chief A.J. Perez told reporters at KTLA5.

"I truly believe that it would've been a fatality," he added.

The footage shows Jordan leaping into the path of the oncoming car in order to push the little boy out of danger. She took the brunt of the impact and saved the boy, although he still suffered serious injuries to his legs. According to KTLA5, The doctors initially thought that they might have to amputate, but they were able to save his legs after hours of operation.

The driver of the car and another boy were also hurt, but both will heal. The man responsible for the crash will face charges for reckless driving and failure to stop, among others.

Details regarding the reason for the crash and Jordan's specific injuries are currently unclear. However, Jordan is still recovering in the hospital, and when she gets out, she will have a grateful town to welcome and celebrate her. Connecticut state leaders and local officials will pay tribute to Jordan in a ceremony at Bridgeport City Hall next week. 

"She is a heroine, that's what she is," said Perez. "She is a great person and she is an asset to this community."

Jordan most likely didn't leave the house thinking she would end the day wounded and a hero, but the real heroes are the ones who never expect to be anyway.

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