Train Nightmare: Woman Throws Carton Of Live Crickets On NYC Commuters

“It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen on a train… Everyone had crickets on their arms. My girlfriend was crying,” a commuter recounts.

UPDATE: This is why we can't have nice things, America. It turns out this whole affair was yet another internet hoax staged by a woman who is disturbed by how mental illness is treated by others.

“I did this to show how people react to situations with homeless people and people with mental health,” Zaida Pugh told Fusion while explaining the hoax. “How they’re more likely to pull out their phone than help.”

Original post:

Passengers on the Brooklyn-bound D train were trapped in a literal bug hell for over 30 minutes after a hysterical woman released a carton of live bugs in the car. The incident took place during the evening commute on Wednesday.

“It was pandemonium,” 29-year-old Chris Calabrese, who was on the train with his girlfriend, told the New York Post. “It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen on a train.”

A woman, who appears to be mentally disturbed, was trying to sell live bugs to the commuters when some teenagers heckled her. It prompted her to freak out and release the entire carton of creepy crawlies into the moving car, sending it into chaos.

The commuters began screaming and ran toward the end of the car. However, the nightmarish scenario became even more terrifying when someone pulled the emergency brake and the train skidded to a halt.

Then the air conditioning cut out.

People were stuck on the Manhattan Bridge for nearly half an hour with bugs crawling on their bodies. The woman, in the meantime, grew more agitated and began shrieking hysterically.

She also urinated on the floor, which once again sent the commuters scampering off to the different corners of the car while trying to avoid the crickets on the ground.

“[The woman] was banging on the doors and trying to climb out the windows. Everyone had crickets on their arms. My girlfriend was crying,” Calabrese added. “Then some men were trying to hold her down and she started trying to throw up on them.”

After 30 minutes, the train finally got rolling again and pulled into the next station where the police quickly removed the woman.

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