Woman's 'Hero' Boyfriend Put Her In A Coma For Eight Months

After eight months of being in a coma and almost a year after waking up, a Chinese woman finally worked up the courage to reveal what exactly happened to her.

A Chinese woman spent nearly eight months in a coma while her loving boyfriend never left her bedside, even spending more than $30,000 on her hospital bills.

However, after the young woman finally woke up, she revealed that her boyfriend was not so “loving” after all.

As it turns out, Lin Yingying’s boyfriend, Liu Fenghe, was actually the reason why she was in a coma to begin with.

Yingying remembered the pain her boyfriend inflicted on her when he struck her repeatedly after she accidentally burned bread at the bakery that they ran together. She also recounted that this was not the first incident of abuse.

She came out of her coma in May, 2015 but refused to speak out about what happened to her until now. She feared what Fenghe would do to her if she told, according to Mashable.

Her family had to convince her to tell the truth. “You have died once, what more are you afraid of? It's time to confront reality," her father reportedly told her.

What a horrific and traumatic situation to endure. Had Yingying suffered from amnesia or died, her abuser would have gotten away with his crime.

He also would have continued to be viewed by the public as a heroic, caring, attentive boyfriend — when in reality, he was probably hoping she never woke up so that the truth would never come out.

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