Woman Launches Racist Rant: 'Go Back To Your Own Country'

A Seattle woman followed a group of friends and proceeded to threaten and taunt them as seen in an expletive-filled, racist tirade captured on video.

Groundhogs aren't the only ones emerging from burrows, apparently. Racists like a Seattle woman harassing a group of friends made an appearance, as well.

A Raw Story report stated that Aditya Asastry and two friends decided to go on a pizza run when a cantankerous woman approached them and went off on a racist tirade. The woman can be heard near the end of the video using the n-word and trying to specify the pronunciation of n***er versus n***a.

"My friend, who's American but of Puerto Rican descent, was the first one she targeted. And myself and my other friend kind of distanced ourselves, like, 'hey let's not do this tonight.' And she followed us down and continued to escalate things and became more and more agitated and she started calling me things like terrorist," Asastry told Q13 Fox.

Asastry pulled out his cell phone camera to document the hate, but the woman later slapped the phone from his hand, breaking it. 

The woman can be seen on video saying the following:

"Where are you from? You're not white, b***h. Where are you from?!"

"You ain't white enough b***h."

"Where are you f***ing from b***h, India? Oh, I'm sorry the terrorist country. I'm sorry."

"So try having more respect than your f***ing terrorist f***ing a**."

"I'll have you arrested so f***ing quick. I have my papers on me b***h."

"Do you want a f***ing response out of me motherf***er with your what are you f***ing Saudi n***a? I didn't say n***er I said n***a."

"When I went home it was much more painful to kind of process the things that were being said. The things about 'get out of my country' and the more divisive rhetoric that was said was really what gets to me," Asastry said.

Asastry called local police to the scene, and they are currently investigating the alleged assault that was recorded on video.

Shortly before this occurred, a black man in Seattle was attacked with a baseball bat for hanging out with a white woman. He's currently fighting for his life after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

"I think the content is very important because you see these things and you think that happens somewhere else. And I've said it to myself many times, however, that's not the case. This happens everywhere," Asastry said.

Despite escalating hate crimes in the United States, justice remains lacking. White suspects like this woman would normally get a slap on the wrist instead of undergoing appropriate punishment.

In President Donald Trump's America, where the leader of the free world spouts racist rhetoric on a regular basis, bigotry is becoming the norm in public encounters, and divisiveness and hatred is rampant. Is this how to "make America great again"?

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS, Anthony Bolante

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